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Are you a healer? Perhaps you are a: counselor, acupuncturist, massage therapist, chiropractor, doctor, intuitive, energy worker, shaman, reflexologist, herbalist, card reader, therapeutic oil distributor, or other form of healer. You have honed your craft and have the training and certifications; BUT, now what? This healer's membership and course will help you launch and enhance your private, healing practice. It's time to live your medicine path.


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Run an Abundant Practice

You can change lives with your medicine and be adequately supported. This membership will teach you how to educate potential clients in a heart-felt-- not sales-y --way. 

Experience the FREEDOM of doing what you LOVE

Say good-bye to the rat race, to a 9 to 5 job, to stress and limitations. Be your own boss! You can do it, and this course provides you with easy to use tools; such as: filing with the IRS, record keeping, trademarking, creating systems, and more.

Transform Lives

The world needs more health practitioner now. You have the gift of healing. You can use that gift to it's fullest potential to help change the lives of your clients. This membership provides you with all of the brick and mortars you need to know when starting a private practice. Gain genuine confidence.


Meet the Facilitators

Shayn Smith, Ph.D.

Shayn is a certified energy healer in Boulder, Colorado. Shayn has a background in counseling and educational psychology. For more information about Shayn, you can visit 

Kari Halvorson, MS, RMT, LPCC

Kari is an intuitive and Reiki therapist. Her background is in counseling. She passionately aids healers in starting and growing their own businesses. For more information about Kari, you can visit her website at 

Join the Healer Community


Running a private practice can be lonely and challenging. With your membership you join a supportive community of other growing healers. You are not alone! Available are member-only and private: comment section, Q & A forum, and facebook group. Additionally, receive monthly emails of medicine path stories. The best way to learn is to share with others.

Membership Bonuses

Video Courses

With over 300 hours of fun, concise and informative videos, there is something for everyone--whether you are just starting your practice or want to grow. 

Interactive Exercises

Shayn and Kari thoughtfully developed interactive exercises, such as --meditations, take home work, and handouts-- to help you integrate the content into your practice.

Supportive Community

Join a network of other private healers. There is a Q & A forum, comments section, and private Facebook group. You will also receive monthly "medicine path stories" from members and have the chance to share your story.

Gain Genuine Confidence

Shayn, Kari and the healer community will help you gain genuine confidence in your medicine and abilities to run your own practice. There is also a course section on mastering session facilitation.

Discounts on Consultations

With your membership you will receive 10% off individual consultations with Shayn and Kari. We can help you process through your personal goals and desires. 

Convient & Secure Site

Upon your enrollment, you will receive an email to your password protected login. For 12 months you can access the course and community at anytime, on any of your devices.

What healer members are saying

[Shayn and Kari] worked well together and complemented each others' talents. There were a lot of good brainstorming and feedback throughout the course. Thank you!

-AB, Loveland, CO

This course was just what I needed to make me feel confident going forward in my healing career and has saved me a HUGE headache of learning it all on my own as I go. Big time saver!

-AS, Boulder, CO

I am delighted to share the knowledge that Shayn and I have gathered, to help you start your own practice. I believe there is nothing more empowering than being your own boss and having the autonomy to help your clients in your own unique way. 

-Kari Halvorson, Boulder, CO

After running a part-time intuitive and Reiki healing practice for years, I was honored that budding counselors and Reiki practitioners wanted to consult with me. Thus this membership was developed. I am in no means an expert, but it is my hope that members can learn faster and easier than I did, and that we can walk this path together.

-Kari Halvorson, Boulder, CO

I am living my dream and want to help you experience yours through this exciting community based course Kari and I developed. I truly look forward to meeting you as we embark on this amazing journey together! 

-Shayn Smith, Boulder, CO



Course Content

Depending on your modality, some advice may not apply. Please always consult with your supervisors, CPA, banker, and other Professionals before implementing any new business practicals.

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For a limited time, enjoy bonus courses.

Bonus video courses include combating burnout, acquiring passive income,   and managing wealth and investing.

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The Healer Membership Mission

We are a community of healers dedicated to enhancing our practices and thus the lives of our clients.

We are humble and yet genuinely confident in our work. We know that starting and growing our practices is a life long journey. We may move around in the steps.

We support and encourage each other as we walk on this path together. We create a safe community, as we know running a private practice can be challenging.

We honor the sacred healer in all of us.

We honor the sacred healing abilities in our clients.

We are active in the Q & A forum, comment sections and Facebook group because we know being in private practice can be lonely.  We also courageously and honestly share our path stories. We empathize and acknowledge that no one is perfect and that we are on this medicine path together. 

Upon joining receive unlimited video courses. These courses are chock full of great advice, intended to stimulate and empower your personal medicine path.   

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Your Satisfaction is Important

Get answers in the Q & A forum, have access to your own account dashboard, contact Shayn, and/or book discounted individual consultations with Shayn or Kari. If you aren't 110% happy with your membership, let us know and we will work on it right away.

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We respect your privacy. Both through the checkout process and with your online membership experience. When you enroll you will get immediate access to your own private, password protected membership login and closed Facebook group. 

Membership Options

Today's investment could multiply infinitely in that you will break through the glass sealing. The sky is the limit! You are in alignment with your medicine, which is Universe given. 

Thus, this is always the safest, and best and highest good path.


We look forward to walking with you on your medicine path!

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